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Canadian Underwriter - February 2016


Rethinking Cyberbullying
It came as no surprise that the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia recently declared the Cyber-safety Act to be unconstitutional, given the act's overbroad definition of cyberbullying. Combating all cyberbullying is a worthy and valid objective, but demands that provincial legislatures meet that goal through more restricted means.

Taking Flight
Drone technology offers the promise of bringing loss assessment and customer service to new heights. But meeting these lofty goals requires down-to-earth considerations, including Canada's existing legislative framework for unmanned aerial vehicles, which presents some challenges for developing an effective use strategy.

Stop the Gap Measures
The cost of disasters relative to insured assets is continuing to increase in Canada, tripling since 1970. Closing the gap between the amount of insurance in place and the cost of recovery demands public/private collaboration where each participant knows its role.

Recasting Title Coverage
A new ruling by the Court of Appeal for Ontario could lead to most, if not all, major Canadian title insurers having to recast policy language. In expanding the interpretation of the "unmarketability of title" concept, the court has forced a round peg into a square hole.

Change of Tack
Managing technology change demands considering the who, what, when and why. But the benefits of a modern, scalable platform that can change with both staff and client needs outweigh the challenges of change.

Inspection Oversight
Home inspectors can be the source of general liability and errors and omissions claims, especially if they fail to detect a potential issue when a client buys a home.


Moves and Views



Get in the Game
Those in the insurance industry would be well-advised to take some advice: pay attention. Innovation and disruptive technologies are unfolding quickly - changes that could have a significant and lasting impact on insurance products - but is the insurance industry even in the game?

Cover Story

Possibilities in 3D
3D printing is hardly new, but recent rapid development and seemingly endless potential uses has freshened consideration of the technology. Enhanced access and broadened applications, though, bring with them talk of additional risks and whether or not existing property and casualty insurance policies are sufficient to address how 3D printing technology could evolve in future.



Emerging Analytics
Bryan Bedford, 2015 recipient of the CIP Society Emerging Leader Award, suggests that advances in data analytics technology could help insurance providers sell more services.