January 2, 2013 - by AVA Marine Group Inc.

Ultrasonic Testing of Hatch Covers for Dry Cargo Vessels


In the past UT Testing of Hatch Cover was provided as inclusive service during P&I Vessel Condition Survey. However, in the light of continuous requests for UT testing from charterers and shippers, effective January 01, 2013, AVA Marine is now able to provide:

1- UT Testing of Hatch Cover as a standalone service (for shippers, charterers and also to P&I Clubs if required)

2- We will continue to provide this service as “all-inclusive” to P&I clubs when carrying out Vessel Condition Surveys for member vessels.

Sea water ingress is one of the major sources of damage to cargo resulting in expensive insurance claims. Cygnus Hatch Sure provides a quick and effective method of evaluating hatch seals and is the equipment of choice for marine surveyors around the globe.

“Leaking hatch covers for many years have been the vehicles for cargo damage onboard dry cargo vessels and even today claims for wet damage remain one of the biggest concerns for ship owners, cargo interests and their insurers. According to various articles published approximately a third of all P&I claims are cargo-related of which numerous of these cases are related to ingress of seawater - even small amounts of water may do extensive damage to cargoes sensitive to seawater, e.g. steel, paper cargoes, grain etc” said the founder and principal marine surveyor Kaivan H Chinoy of AVA Marine Group.

According to P&I clubs, reports of leaking hatch covers are the most frequent cause for selecting a vessel for an unscheduled condition survey. Ultrasonic testing of hatch covers is here to stay and will continue to grow in use. Ship owners / charterers should welcome its use as a valuable aid to loss prevention, which can also provide a cost-effective solution to solving the perennial problems of hatch cover tightness confirmation.

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About AVA Marine : The Company provides a comprehensive range of specialist marine surveying & consultancy services primarily in Western Canada and the West Coast of United States and is led by the Principal Marine Surveyor – Kaivan H. Chinoy.

Kaivan is a qualified Mercantile Mariner (United Kingdom) and a graduate of joint Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde (Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) with an MSc Degree in ‘Technical Management of Ship Operations’. Further, he has the combined practical experience of over 15 years in sea/shore positions and before founding AVA Marine, he was involved in extensive marine operations (vessel navigation, cargo handling  (bulk, break-bulk, crude oil), accident investigations, project cargo risk management and marine cargo surveying including losses exceeding USD $500,000.

AVA Marine core business is P&I Condition Surveys (routine & entry surveys), Flag State Inspections, Hull & Machinery/ Pre-voyage Surveys / UT Hatch Cover Testing, Steel Outturn survey & Project Cargo Loading/Discharging/Lashing Supervision.  To learn more about our marine surveying capabilities, visit our website at AVA Marine is also the member of the AIMU (American Institute of Marine Underwriters), CBMU (Canadian Board of Marine Underwriters) and MIABC (Marine Insurance Association of British Colombia)



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