October 27, 2010 - by Canadian Underwriter magazine

WINMAR and DKC Canadian Esporta Exclusivity Comes to an End

October 25, 2010 – Kelowna, BC - It was announced today that the Esporta Wash System exclusivity agreement with WINMAR Property Restoration Specialists and Disaster Kleenup Canada has come to an end.  In 2007 WINMAR and DKC signed an agreement with Esporta Wash Systems to be the exclusive Canadian restoration contractors utilizing the Esporta technology for the restoration of soft contents.  Since that time the two pioneering restoration networks have significantly impacted the way in which soft contents claims are handled within the Canadian insurance industry.

Esporta Wash Systems claimed that its patented and proprietary technology could restore large amounts of the soft contents traditionally cashed out by insurance companies.  Winmar and DKC recognized the potential this technology could have if its claims were proven true.   The vision of John White, President of WINMAR, and Matt Johnson, President of DKC, compelled them in 2007 to invest in the paradigm shifting technology and sign an exclusive agreement for Canada.  

Since that time these two networks of restoration contractors have changed the way in which soft contents claims are processed.  The early claims made in regard to the Esporta’s restoration capability proved to be true.  So significant has its impact been in the Canadian insurance industry that insurance giant Co-operators encourages their claims reps to work with a CCRN (Certified Contents Restoration Network) member whenever applicable.  CCRN members are those restoration contractors certified in the operation of the Esporta Wash System.  WINMAR boasts 45 members of the CCRN, while DKC has 34 members.

“John and Matt both showed courageous leadership by being early adopters of our technology.  I am sure that, at the time, neither of them truly understood the magnitude of the impact they were going to create in the Canadian insurance industry,” explained Randy Rhode, President of Esporta Wash Systems.

The insurance industry in Canada has embraced the new technology to the degree that they want to see more restoration contractors adopt the technology to handle the demand. 

“The Esporta Wash System technology has provided us with the benefits of reduced loss costs, as well as being more sustainable.  It does this by simply restoring what would typically be cashed out.” stated Glen Oxford, National Property Claims Manager for Co-operators Insurance.  “The end to the Canadian exclusivity is important to us because it makes the technology available to more contractors and other organizations who can bring the benefits of the Esporta to a greater number of our clients.” continued Oxford.

The adoption of the Esporta technology by Winmar and DKC has saved insurance companies tens of millions of dollars in settlement costs and hundreds of tons of soft contents from being sent to land fill sites, while at the same time providing thousands of people with faster and simpler claims settlements.  They have truly changed the insurance restoration industry in Canada.

 The decreased settlement cost savings, increased customer satisfaction and decreased environmental impact created by the Esporta Wash System has significantly caught the attention of insurance companies who have requested greater availability to a wide range of contractors.   The end of this exclusivity means that the Esporta Wash System technology is now available to all restoration contractors across Canada.   

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