Women in Cancer Crusade (WICC) Ontario held its 16th annual gala dinner, ‘Power in Plaid – Celebrating the Fabric of WICC,’ on Apr. 18, 2012 at The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto. WICC dinner co-chairs and evening emcees Michael Butler and Marian Adamson introduced WICC executive director Barb Reddick to present a $250,000 cheque from WICC to Martin Kabat, CEO of the Ontario division of the Canadian Cancer Society. Gold flame Awards, recognizing significant contributions to WICC, went to Magnes Group and Ottawa Valley Adjusters Association. Enterprise Rent-A-Car was the 2011 WICC 'Hall of Flame' Award inductee. Carolyn Horan, president of Informco, received the Lew Dunn Memorial Award. Horan began volunteering with WICC Ontario in 2001. She served as co-chair of the WICC Ontario Board from 2004-11. Marilyn Horrick, past dinner chair, introduced WICC Relay for Life cochairs Paul Martin and Carla Smith, who spoke about the industry's commitment to the event and 2012 Relay for Life plans and goals. Since WICC's inception in 1996, the Canadian P&C insurance industry has raised more than $5.5 million for cancer research.

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